My Visit At The Real Artax

Hi friends of TNES,

At the weekend from 2nd - 4th august 2003 I was on visit at our well known TNES fan SilverDollar. She‘s the owner of the horse, who played Artax in the NEVERENDING STORY II (1989). Kenny Morrison rode on him. Now is Silver Dollar 23 years old and had sometimes a serios, painfull illness at his forehoofs. But by the way, it becomes better from time to time, we all hope that.

Latest News: Sadly to say, but Silver Dollar is passed away at thuesday, 24th august 2004. They had to put down the horse, due to a advanced cancerous illness. There were no hope more. He got 24 years old.

Here are now some selected photos, which we taken in the year 2003 in and nearby the stable where SilverDollar lived.

Have fun by viewing the pictures. :-)) A little annotation: My body length is 2.01 meters (6.5 feet).

Your‘s Gizmo

Our Silver Dollar, the horse owner, her‘s little family and Gizmo.

Gizmo (left), SilverDollar (right, he was Artax in NES2) before the stable gate.

„Unfortunately, much too small for me, to ride on him...“ Perhaps, except the little boy in the foreground.

Gizmo: „What for a nice pony!“ Artax: „...don‘t hurt me, giant!“
Silver Dollars sweet living room.

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