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15.9.2007 Informations about Megativ-Projekt updated.
14.9.2007 New images in the Galerie added.
11.9.2007 NoBudget aktualised, Filme und Musik aktualised.
5.8.2006 In reason of receiving too much spam direct mail access disabled .
9.12.2005 Technical Informations: Synchrontechnik, Synchronimpulsarten; NoBudget updated.
7.12.2004 News, Politik, Polemik: Mal wieder ins Kino?
6.12.2004 Technical Informations: Synchronisationstechnik updated.
20.11.2004 Technical Informations: Synchronisationstechnik updated, Filmtechnik with new images.
25.9.2004 Technical Informations: Dubbing technology for film sound.
27.8.2004 Videoclip "Lutz neue Kamera" added (Films and Music), Artax is dead.
11.8.2004 Debugging, "Galerie" und "TV-Projekt" now available in english too, NO-BUDGET-Site updated, "I met the real Artax"-Site now access from the index site,
27.7.2004 Chronicle of our TV-project updated, fan fiction updated, "European NES Fanfilm Mirror"-Seiten complete removed.

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